What to do when your morning Joe (having no relation to either Joe Scarborough or Mika Brzezinski on NBC) is splashed on your keyboard??

Imagine a great Saturday planned on editing the last three shoots and all of a sudden my white keys with half of the popular letters worn off is awash in just french-pressed Kona…not a pretty sight. As you see the spilled cup of 3am Nectar of The Gods flooding across your desk and performing as did the Red Sea did at the behest of Moses, only to come crashing down from all sides directly upon your keyboard, my mind, at least, was scrambling through all the how-to posts I’d read after screwing something up and looking for fast fixes online, only to realize the fix was learned in my Junior year in high-school Chemistry: Alcohol!

Because the cell-phone-in-a-bag-of-rice trick works against only, it will not do anything for your coffee, especially if it is French Vanilla laden as mine was. The sugar in the creamer mix sticks to any/everything, gumming key rebound springs, and coating any open circuitry instantly.

Any canned or compressed air you use to try and blow the offending liquid out of the keyboard may get some of the fluid out, but as the fluid becomes thinner, it dries in place much faster than it can be whisked away by the high speed air and be much harder to remove.

In order here are the steps I took:

1) Immediately remove the battery(ies)

2) Go to the medicine cabinet and grab the 16oz bottle of 91-99% isopropyl alcohol, no, not to drink because you are thinking your keyboard is toast! You will have already went to your closest drugstore (no, not your corner dealer, but the normal brick and mortar shop like Walgreens, or CWSm or Longs…you get the hint) soon after you read this BenAZphoto blogpost.

3) Tilt the keyboard so the end where you begin pouring is the highest, and place the lower end of the keyboard over a bowl and begin pouring semi-slowly making sure the entire keyboard has seen a good bit of the alcohol. You want to keep the keyboard tilted so all the sticky goop you were ready to ingest before the spill has more than ample opportunity to be washed by the alcohol to the lowest end and out of the keyboard entirely.

Why alcohol? First off, it is hygroscopic, which means it draws water toward itself. Think of it as a water magnet. Alcohol also carries water with it, so the water, and the acids in coffee are all washed to the lowest end, thanks to both gravity and the very low viscosity of the alcohol.

4) A 16 oz container of 91-99% isopropyl will cost anywhere from $4-$9. A keyboard costs from $25 wired to upwards of $100 for the super-duper wireless models, and some considerably more than that. Use the whole bottle, or two. It is a cheap repair.

5) After you have exhausted your supply of isopropyl, go outside, and while holding keyboard firmly, make a motion with your arm the OPPOSITE of as if you were tossing a ball underhanded as high as you could into the sky. This will physically drive the smaller volumes of alcohol downward and out of your keyboard.

6) Find a fan, blow drier, and set to cool, keep the keyboard on an angle and blow from upper to lower. this will speed the evaporation of the water and alcohol not removed by the swinging in step 5.

7) Let the keyboard air-dry naturally for an hour or two.

8) After drying, replace old batteries with new, and fire the keyboard up.

*Unfortunate legal disclaimer mumbo-jumbo:

Any person proceeding using these suggestions as a potential remedy for any event accepts any and all liability of results of these suggestive remedies.  BenAZphoto assumes no liability whatsoever for anything which happens as a result of these suggest practices, and cannot be held liable in the event of an equipment failure.

I have used these steps and saved both a wired and Apple produced wireless keyboard (actually the model pictured above) with satisfactory results, and share it here as a way for other users to possibly save their equipment, and wallets, enabling them to keep on editing, blogging, or just being super-creative in whatever media they choose. 


Awoke this morning never envisioning we would have a ‘new’ dog. The discussion started last night. We went to A friend of mine’s Halloween Party up in Sun City, AZ. Alli got to spend a bit of time with their Yorkie named Louise. Sometime during the evening I said, innocently that i could deal with having a small(er) dog. Seven months ago, we had to put our German Shorthair Pinter down due to non-invasive sarcoma which had metastasized.

So, we decided to look. Went to a Maricopa County shelter and were disappointed by the condition of both the facility and the animals. No matter how hard we tried, there was just no candidates we were interested in.

I had written down the addresses of four centers. Alli was done after just the first. “Just one more” I said. We ended up at the PetSmart Charities Adoption Center in Scottsdale. This ‘center’ was inside the PetSmart store, and had its own facility and staff. The center was clean, well run, and the staff was very attentive and helpful. We walked the rows of cages, noting the lack of the standard County-run smell which forced you to breathe through your mouth.

Amidst a large central pen of 15 Chihuahuas and not engaging in the mob barking ritual with the arrival of any new person to the center was a scraggly looking, somewhat introverted-looking female dog. She kept her distance, and looked somewhat out of place amongst the hustle-bustle and one 0n one squabbling happening around her. When we were able to get to her corner of the pen from the outside, she maneuvered herself in order to allow us to stroke her back through the chain link weave. 

Daisy was classified as a stray. We believed that until we left the center, because she heeled well on leash and did not exhibit the dash away may strays possess.It very well could be she knew she had been found by her new people. Only she knows.

The PetSmart Charities center spayed her, treated her with Frontline, Rabies vaccination, and an antibiotic to combat kennel cough in advance of listing her as adoptable. Out total adoption fee was $17 out the door. We also received a coupon for a free bag of the Purina product the center was feeding the dogs in their care. We received a book of coupons for many other accessories and product relating to the care of a recently adopted dog at no cost to us.

We fell in love with her although her coat had been trimmed haphazardly and will take some time to grow out and be properly groomed. Cairn Terriers are a wire-haired breed, and have hair, not fur. 

She came home with us today. Alli held her in the passenger seat of the Jeep on the way home, and it was only 15 minutes into the trip before she was snuggling into Allison’s grasp with her head nearing the window and breeze. We are very blessed to have her and as she is one year old, we are looking forward to a long life with her.

Kudos to #PetSmart for operating such a center. In my opinion, more humane, clean, and a better environment in which to adopt a pet and save an animal’s life.

Mid-day shoot with Dani Angel Marin in Phoenix.

2nd: David Basalsua

1st Assistant: Mikaela Beck- a freshman in high schol enrolled in the local photography program. her FB: https://www.facebook.com/mikaela.beck.1

Shot with my trusty 5DMKII, 24-105 F/4L @ 52mm. f5.6 1/250sec ISO50.


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3 years old, walking out our front door wearing my cowboy hat, guns with holsters boldly into a Baywood Park rainstorm. Thought I was so badass, which wasn’t even an adjective 44 years ago, went one more step and found myself to my hairline in muddy water. Dad yanked my thrashing self from the torrent and put me back on the concrete walkway. Needless to say, my badass-ery fizzled like wet gunpowder.

Dad was left building the dyke to keep rainwater from flooding the kitchen himself…as my eyes could be seen in the window, peeking above the sill with cowboy hat still perched.


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Nice pic. I recognize that to be one you just took!! I think people are going to love this. Your writing has always been top shelf!


Thanks. Visit again!

Upper: Our German Shorthair Pointer, Brodie. He is in a far better place. “Was a great 7 years, bud.” Alli rescued him from a pound, and he loved her from the first moment. He saw her through a very tough part of her life, and then I met her and him. Amazing animal. gentle, loving, and loyal. The story of meeting him is another book in itself.

Lower: July 4, 2013. Arizona Road Racers 4 on the 4th 4 mile run @ Rio Vista Community Park in Peoria, AZ. He carried that flag as you see it here for the entire race. Patriot.